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                    Gordon's  MULTI-USE CUSTOM AIR TOOL
ALL BRASS       $45.00 Each
Plus Shipping & Handling: $5.00

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    This tool had an original retail value of $75.00.

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Solid Brass Construction, will last for years and through thousands of jobs. Find leaks in just about any
pressurized system, air, hydraulic, water, oil, etc. The uses are limited only by your skill and imagination.
Prevents burst plumbing due to freezing...saves thousands of dollars in repair costs. When used with an
air compressor this versatile tool has many uses. It can be used in testing, troubleshooting, "hands free"
winterizing and sanitary blow-out of water systems on RV's, boats, or any other vehicles that have closed
fresh water systems. This helps to prevent bacterial contamination when water becomes stagnant for long
periods of time. Extend the life of hot water tanks by preventing the build-up of sediment. The full blow
out should be done periodically year-round in all climates to maintain a clean water system.

By using optional adapters this tool can be used to test and troubleshoot the integrity of commercial or
home plumbing jobs (gas or water pipes) before they are enclosed in walls or ceilings. It can also be used
to check for leaks in radiators, in gasoline or oil tanks. Swimming pools and lawn sprinkler systems can
be blown out for winterizing and checked for leaks.

Priority Mail Shipping and Handling: $5.00

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